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What do i do with WR Josh Gordon


After losing Calvin Johnson to retirement…i was looking for a Top WR. Always been a big fan of josh Gordon cause well hes a beast!

End of 2015 season I Traded RB Matt Forte & a Swap of First round picks.(me getting the better pick)

But every time i think hes close to making a come back or the NFL letting him back!..the dreams are shut down…

This is a dynasty league going on the 4th year half point ppr.

do i hold out hope that hes coming back at some point…Could i possibly trade him for someone??? or…the fearful drop…



To me, he’s not really showing any signs of coming back. I think he blew his last chance last season. He was just denied reinstatement, and I doubt he gets reinstated if he reapplies this fall. Even if he is miraculously allowed to play in the league again, who knows if he’s the same talent that he was, and who knows what team he’ll end up on. If it were me, I’d see if I could ship him to a team that is holding out hope. If nobody bites, wait to drop him until you absolutely have to, but don’t feel bad when that time comes.


At the moment, I think Flash Gordon’s real value is following him on Instagram.

…that said, I think there’s a decent chance he finds himself reinstated sometime between now and (say…) Week 4 of the season. The NFL won’t keep him out in the cold forever, and this latest setback felt a lot like the league was sending Flash a message that he is on their timeline and that this’ll be his last and final chance.

Basically, I think his value has bottomed out, so he’s worth holding on to in a deep-bench dynasty league. At least until a breakout young WR appears in the first few weeks of the season. If he’s still in limbo then, I’d dump him.