What do I do

Do I keep DJ Moore or pick up Geronimo Allison with the news that the Green Bay Packers are putting Cobb on trading block

is it redraft or dynasty? Also what scoring format?

It is half ppr in a redraft league…

Not sure how much impact Moore will have, certainly early season anyway. I can’t see Cobb getting traded but the ankle injury worries me and the fact that he is up for grabs means they don’t view him as a long term option - i think I’d grab Allison and see what you have in the first week or 2.

Wouldn’t be surprised to be able to get Moore back from the waiver wire if you don’t like what you see from Allison after a few weeks anyway unless the rosters are super deep. Got to have a stab at getting a starting piece of the Packers offense though

is james Washington, chris godwin or john ross on the wire as well? Bucs management said godwin is 1A to evans.

help with mine.

Thanks guys…not sure if did right thing but I dropped Moore and picked up Breida as soon as I heard about Mckinnen

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