What do to when somebody sends a dumb trade?

I just got offered Tyler boyd and Dion lewis for my kareem hunt… what would you do in a situation like this? Send him a trade that is equally stupid?

Don’t do anything. People send trades like this all the time and it really isn’t that ridiculous of an offer compared to plenty I’ve seen. It’s part of the game

Accept it and make their dreams come true

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Ignore it or send them a dumber trade. I been offered a kicker before a good player before. You also can send a fair trade to them and that shows them you know what you are doing.

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I wouldnt say it’s a ridiculous trade but I’m 100% certain if I sent him those players for his kareem hunt he would undoubtedly decline it. I get these kind of trades every week it’s so annoying when I actually want to trade with somebody

Maybe if he gave me a copy of red dead😂