What do we do with Gronk?

I can get OJ Howard right now for Gronk. Should I take it or am I tilting too much? Gronk hasn’t been much help this year and now is in and out with injury.

I’d probably take it if you’re hurting at TE.

My other TE is Austin Hooper, who also hasn’t been great recently.

At this point Howard is the safer option. But if you need upside I think Gronk is still that guy.

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Yeah, I’d much rather have OJ Howard than Austin Hooper, which is who you’d be counting on if Gronk is in and out of injury. It’s a gamble though, because I think that Gronk still has upside for the homestretch. If your record is okay and you think you can make playoffs with the Gronk / Hooper combo you have going I’d probably sit tight.

I wouldn’t take that. Call me stubborn. If gronk ever gets healthy or has one good game he’s auto back in. If he’s healthy he’s an auto start. In one league with him I traded him straight up for Sony Michel after making a big trade to acquire zack ertz. In another I haven’t been able to sell at a reasonable value. And with a guy like hooper on your bench. I’d rather play the week to week game of is he healthy. Hooper is a decent weekly start already past his bye. But there is always the potential he doesn’t gets healthy and ends up on the ir.

Noone thinks that OJ Howard has close to the same upside at this point? He has been money this year with at least 50 yards every week minus the one injury week. I just think Gronk is going to miss this coming week and then the bye week. So 2 more weeks with out him.

OJ Howard is a stud. Have been pushing for him all year and it seems like others are finally ready to jump on that train. I’d be happy trotting Howard out there every week as a plug and play. Him and Kittle are my 2 guys.

I was also a huge gronk truther and really believed that he would be a season winner for most people. Unfortunately, first few weeks didn’t play out given they had no weapons and gronk got double/triple covered every play. And now he’s a bit hurt. My advice to you would be if you are in a tight race for playoffs and can’t afford to wait anymore, take Howard. He will help you more in the near term with gronk hurt. But if you can wait long term, I think Gronk still has more upside.

He’s definitely got upside. But there aren’t many tight ends in the game who can go for a hundred yards receiving and 2 tds… That’s Gronk all day. Howard won’t get you that because they don’t rely that heavily upon him in TB. Howard is still a stud and I agree with everything @MikeMeUpp said above. Look at your record and make the decision based off of that.