What do we do with Melvin Gordon?

Hi again!

I’m sorry tot bother you guys & girls again with the following trade question. But I’m really interested in how you guys feel about Melvin Gordon.

My roster in a 12 team PPR is the following:

QB: Russel Wilson, Jared Goff
RB: Todd Gurley, Chris Carson, Austin Ekeler, Mark Ingram, Tevin Coleman, Malcolm Brown and Darwin Thompson
WR: Deandre Hopkins, Michael Thomas and Tyreek Hill
TE: OJ Howard
K: Will Lutz
D: San Francisco

The following trade has been proposed to me:

  • I give up Mark Ingram & Jared Goff
  • I receive Melvin Gordon & Michael Gallup

Now, I realise my RB’s have questionmarks (Gurley, Carson). But as an Ekeler-owner, I’m obviously very interested in Gordon. How do you guys perceive his chances of playing this season?

I’m leaning ‘yes’ on this trade. Why?

  • With Gordon on my roster, I got a bit of insurance on Ekeler. If he comes back, and Ekeler’s value would drop, at least I got him ‘handcuffed’ by Gordon. If Gordon gets traded, I upgrade my roster with an extra valuable RB. If Gordon doesn’t play, at least I still got Ekeler.
  • I know Gallup is injured, but I assume he has value when he comes back.

Lastly, I won two games and lost one. But I’m feeling cocky and I think I can reach the playoffs without Ingram and Goff. With Gordon and Gallup I might be able to improve my chances in the playoffs.

What do you guys think? Am I shooting myself in the foot with this one?

Any other advice, or reassurence, on Carson and/or Gurley: always appreciated!


I rejected. Keep what you know.