What do we think of Guice ROS? Was offered him in a trade

Was just offered Guice in a trade straight up for James White. 14 team standard league. Was thinking of pulling the trigger and taking a chance. Only really need him for a bye week and if someone gets injured. My other RBs are Kamara, Lat Murrey and Melvin Gordon. On Gordon’s bye week he is facing the Lions which is a really good matchup, and worst case if he looks like he won’t be getting a lot of work based on week 11 I can just start Kamara and Murrey against the Panthers that week. I am in 1st place, looking at a round 1 bye so not fighting to win out the rest of the season. Thanks for the input #footclan.

Honestly I’d stick with White, Guice has shown no ability to stay healthy. It really sucks for him and I feel bad for the guy but white is just solid and you need a couple of those guys on the roster.

Standard does lower White’s appeal but he’s still a flex any week you need one and has the upside built in of getting a short yard TD catch. The Pats are thin at WR so he will always get work as a receiver.

Redskins also have zero reason in putting Guice out there for a heavy workload unless he is 100% ready. AP is playing fine and this season is lost for them, they could be in play for the 1.01 too so it could get tactical for them to leave Guice out, preserve him for next year. They may very well be thinking QB if they pick first, if Haskins can’t show anything good. It’s in their interest to lose now and keep the young core Guice and Terry healthy for next year and beyond.