What do you do if you like your team and there are no waiver moves to make?

I’m 5-2 with both losses to the highest scorer of the week and both by less than 4 points combined. I’m doing okay. My roster is below but I just don’t see any necessary moves I should be making. I mean, I COULD pick up Gurley’s backup, but I’m not worried about him going down. I know Ekeler isn’t the strongest play but he’s better than most of what’s on waivers (unless I want to take a flyer, but this late in the season it seems like we kind of know what everyone is capable of, and I kind of think Mike Davis fits the flyer category… sorta…).

My team:

Highest scoring W/R/T so far this season. (I know it’s not always the best way to sort players, but it keep it simple for this post.)

I’ve thought about Williams, and now, literally as I’m typing this, I’m realizing I should think about dropping Ekeler for him, but idk, an RB for a WR? Especially if Gordon’s hamstring keeps him out, Ekeler’s a starting RB. But even with Williams out, he’s not been great, even against Cleveland.

Anyhoo… I am considering looking for a trade, but I really don’t know who for or if any of my weaknesses would be lessened. So I guess I’d ask for opinions on what my weaknesses are on my roster so I can start looking to fix them.

Thanks for helping me work this out. (EDIT: 10 team, .5 ppr, 4-man keeper league)

I love when I don’t feel the need for any waiver moves.
I’ll look ahead through my next weeks to make sure I don’t have any holes…
Then I start planning some nasty trades.

If I am not scouring the waiver wire but I know someone else is that means I’m holding players that they need or want. And I just start upgrading where I can.
Then hit the waivers and snake up any injury-tied players to fill any holes i make if there are. Repeat.


Nasty trades? Tell me more.

I shop for someone who really needs something.
That I don’t play again in the season (except potentially playoffs).
Especially if it’s almost impossible for them to reach playoffs.

Then I make a trade that won’t be called out as collusion but really does improve their team and my own… But with the sneaky back door of hoping they beat up on some of the people ranked closely to me to drop them out of the playoffs too.
A.k.a. The trade I put in today the guy plays the guy one place above me and the guy one place below me in the next two weeks. If he pulls off wins on both of them I gain a bigger lead separation… With an improved team.

On top of that I look a week or two ahead for who’s on BYEpocalypse and might give up a player at a lower value than normal to potentially win their week.

Find a player who’s schedule ROS is absolutely amazing–had an injury on their team–or anything that gives them a big strategic advantage… Who’s been playing like garbage previously. Buy low.

The usual stuff !

I would drop Mike Davis for Malcom Brown. If I was another playoff bound team in your league, I would be tempted to pick Brown up and make him nice and comfy at the bottom of my bench. If something happens to Gurly, that’s gonna hurt.

Ugh. I hate that you’re probably right…

For a dominant team, I don’t think it’s worth the risk. You drafted well, traded well, and made good start/sit decisions consistently during the season.

You could lose it all because of Mike Davis.

Dammit, okay. It’s done. Thanks for keeping me honest.

Woah. Next level. I’ll check it out, thanks.