What do you do when a good Kicker is on bye?

Justin Tucker is on bye next week, so I’m trying to plan ahead. Should I drop someone to stream a Kicker next week? Or drop Tucker and hope he’s still available in week 11?

QB: Goff
RB: Kerryon, Coleman, DJ, Mack, Duke, A.Jones
WR: AB, Thielen, Kupp, Smith, Goodwin
TE: Howard
Def: KC

Who is on waiver?

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What other kicker is available?

Crosby, Janikowski, Vinatieri are a few notable names. Here is the list:

I’m thinking of maybe picking up Crosby for ROS, but at the same time I would like Tucker ROS too. I drafted him and he’s been solid all season

I have Buckner, who goes on bye week 12. Dreading this decision myself. If I’m a playoff lock by that point, will probably take a goose egg in the kicker slot that week. That’s my ideal choice. I don’t roster extra TEs or QBs so tough to drop a RB/WR.

Yeah I have only WRs/RBs on my bench, so I would have to drop one of them for a Kicker which I don’t like…I guess I’ll just drop Tucker and hope he’s still around afterwards?

My guess is he’ll be gone. If your league puts a time limit on how fast you can add a player dropped to the waivers, drop him right before the snap of his game. Then he should definitely be there the next week.

Drop him right before the snap of his game? Hoping that people won’t realise he’s on waivers?

Yep. Once the game kicks off he is locked until the next Tuesday morning, correct? And who is going to place priority on a kicker for waiver add? So drop Tucker right before his kickoff for another kicker.