What do you do with Fournette

Fournette is about to make me 0-4nette… I’m in a half point league and not sure what to do with him

Im in the same boat my friend… I dont even know what you could trade him for right now either cause you wont be getting any value for him at all

Feel like he’s pretty much unchanged although I didn’t see his injury happen. I read he came back into the game briefly though? Hamstring injury isn’t particularly concerning ROS. For a team needing an RB I don’t see why he wouldn’t have value anymore unless the injury is a lot worse than my understanding of it indicates.

I feel for yall though. Frustrating as hell.

I got an alert earlier saying his coach was worried he re-injured it… … Not to mention hes been hurt all season long… There is no value for him right now… No one in my league will pay anything for him and im not letting him go for nothing

Be happy you aren’t a Falcons fan like me…

Im a falcons fan

Well you’ve got me there then. Let’s commiserate

I even offered the Freeman owner Fournette straight up lol

Lol that was rejected? I have Freeman on my bench. Praying for fantasy and actual NFL purposes that he returns next week.

yeah rejected… So i have no clue what i can get for him … No one wants to pay anything… they all view him as injury prone…

Just keep him then. I saw your team before you can survive without him playing, even though I think he’s less of a concern than what people are thinking who own him. They had no reason to get him back in the game bc Jax was destroying the Jets almost the entire game.

Would you trade him for Ajayi? Lamar Miller?

I’m curious about the trade value too

Yeah that’s a good question. Because if someone wants to dump him off, I would happily accept.

So im my league right now I have the Miller owner saying he would do it and I have the Drake owner saying he would do it but those are the best offers im getting… And both those teams are the HIGHEST SCORING TEAMS IN MY LEAGUE WITH MONSTER TEAMS ALREADY

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Nah, those offers are unreasonable. Don’t you have Bell Conner and Ingram? Bell is openly being shopped now and Ingram is back next week.

Maybe you could target the Yeldon owner.

Ive been trying to get yeldon for weeks from him… Its impossible hes ones of those guys who thinks every player he owns is a 1st round talent and he wants ingram and conner for Yeldon… I told him to eat it lol

Yes I have Fournette, Bell, Conner, Ingram, Lindsay, Michel and Aaron jones

But both those offers are trash i agree… I dont wanna have miller he just got pulled from the game today cause hes trash and drake hasnt done a thing all season

For reference, i asked the Diggs owner (needs help at RB) if they’d trade for Fournette straight up, said they’d do it. 0.25 ppr. I might think about re-offering that trade.