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What do you guys think about Tyreek Hill?


I was thinking about trading for him as he had a bad game… what should i offer? If anything

My team:
QB: Mariota
RB: Hunt
RB: Fournette
WR: M. Thomas
WR: D. Baldwin
WR: G. Tate
TE: Reed
D: Broncos
BE: David Johnson ):
BE: Howard
BE: Pryor
BE: McCaffrey
BE: Thielen
BE: Martin
BE: HoganQ


Which Hill are you talking about. I am assuming Tyreek.


Tyreek Hill - like
Jeremy Hill - Do not like


Tyreek* sorry… what should I offer for him? Even doe I don’t like having two players from the same team


who does he have on his team, that way you can trade to his weaknesses


I have both Tyreek and K. Hunt. I am undefeated so far. I actually don’t like any WR on your team except Thielen if Bradford comes back, so yeah I would get rid of like Thomas or Baldwin. I am in standard though, not sure what PPR would look like.


Yea my WR are my weakness, the other guys team is stacked this is my 8 team league:


I feel like this team would be a good one to trade wth


This one as well…


Maybe try Howard for Hill


or Brandin Cooks for Howard would be a reasonable trade


ill offer howard for hill but im not a big fan of cooks