What do you make of Crowell?

I just don’t know what to think. He goes absolutely nuclear some weeks & vanishes. Does anyone have any faith in him going forward?

No I don’t personally. Boom or bust with high ceiling but very low floor.

No. I generally don’t like relying on guys who need 60+ yd TDs in order to be relevant and RBBCs on bad offenses. Crowell checks both those boxes. If you have him, sell him, sell him immediately before he comes crashing down to earth like Ridley.

well this week he actually ran for 200+ yards, so if you take away the one big run he had he would still end up a RB1 this week, I believe that Crowell will do a good job as long as the jets are winning.

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I believe he had 2 huge runs of 60+ yards, the 2nd just wasn’t a TD run. So like 130-140 yards of that production came on 2 carries. Not that it’s a bad thing cause he’s done that 3 times now this year so shows he has the breakaway big play ability. But not every game is going to be like the one they just played where they have such positive game script. And from a volume/snaps perspective, he’s still getting outsnapped by powell and outcarried by Powell who had 20 vs his 19. And Powell more involved in pass game and did pretty well himself so don’t see him getting phased out of the offense any time soon.

Jet’s aren’t going to have the luxury of running the ball 40 times a game either so expecting that to normalize. Crowell is just too boom bust for me to trust as a RB play.

You can play him but then you’re going to get weeks like last when jets are losing and he goes 4 carries for 0 yards or week 2 12 carries for <40 yards. Can’t take that kind of floor for a RB, it kills your week.

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I don’t actually have him, but he is quite interesting, I am just curious if there is a world where he ends up being like Ajayi in 2016 where we say “nah he won’t keep doing this in a bad offense” over and over & by seasons end he has multiple monster games.

I completely agree about the boom bust factor (as shown so far), but I can see a world where the team improves& darnold progresses to where Crow is calling every week. I just am not 100% sold that we should continually write him off

Ajayi 2016 was a nightmare. Sure he had a good finish but he got like 40% of his season’s production from 2 games, both were against buffalo. Outside of those 2 weeks, he was a middling RB2 and sometimes low end RB2/RB3. That’s just not the type of production I want from a RB trying to guess which games he blows up.

Also, it’s a totally different situation than Ajayi. At least Ajayi had that backfield to himself. Crowell is sharing it with Powell where he isn’t even leading in snaps or touches.

The distribution of Ajayi’s 2016 games and who he did it against was the precise reason why I 100% faded him in 2017 draft. That was one of the easiest fades ever in a draft.

I agree with Mike on this one sticking with my original comment. I was willing to drop him (should’ve kept him for trade bait since I don’t need him) because of his inconsistency. He’s a trap. Saying he is good when the jets are winning can be an argument for any running back. The RB position will always be used to chew up the clock and ensure there is minimal chance for turnover. Any RB can be decent in a winning circumstance. I don’t see the Jets offense progressing to a point that makes him relevant every week this year. They need to address some issues on their line first.