What do you think about my Zeke deal?

I got Zeke, James White and Funches by giving up Mckinnon and Lamar Miller. I am 1-5, I have to win week to week and get back to around 500 because I maybe able to sneak into the playoffs with points. I am thinking Zeke plays these 2 games and I win both… best case scenario he plays the season. If he does get suspended I am thinking I can sell him to a team that is going to make the playoffs. I personally think Zeke will actually serve his suspension next year. What do you all think about it?

Honestly, I’m not huge on it. Zeke hasn’t been lights out this year as much as last year, and McKinnon is playing well. Lamar miller a safer floor than white. This trade only makes sense if you had nobody at WR, i think.

I look at it as selling out. Miller is on bye this week and I need wins now.

Ah, didn’t realize the Miller bye situation. Yeah, that makes sense then. Get the win now.

That what I was thinking… I play the other 1-5 team and a 2-4 team the next 2 weeks. Hopefully sneak in 2 wins and if Zeke gets suspended sell for a guy that will make the playoffs. If Zeke plays just ride him and hope for a playoff spot.

We are in a very similar boat. I am 2-4 and made a trade for Zeke (gave up my 4th round pick next year). I need to win this week and next and the guy i am playing this week had zeke so it worked twice as well to get him off his lineup and into mine. With that being said, I think this trade is fine. I have the same plan you do. If for some reason I lose the next two weeks, and he gets suspended, then I will try and flip him to the #1 seed who will be able to use him in the playoffs. Attempting to get something good for him for next year.

Since my league is a keeper league and you can trade future draft picks its a little different, but overall I like this trade for you. Get the wins now and let the rest of the mayhem fall where it may. Nobody has any idea what is going to happen with Zeke, so roll the dice!

I agree. I had a couple guys tell me it was silly and I explained it as selling out. High risk taking the chance on Zeke but if he plays the whole season high reward. However, I do think the chances of him serving his suspension next year grow high the longer he holds out.

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100% agree. He most def will serve it next season. However, I read that Zeke was trying to settle which is not a good sign for him. And the nfl has no desire to settle. Soooo I’m getting s little more nervous.

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Zeke won’t ask to settle he has rode it out this far.

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I agree but I’m just reporting what I read on NFL.com that they were discussing a settlement. But who knows… This is literally the situation that nobody knows what will happen. Only time will tell.

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I think after doing some research the NFL does not want to settle. They are looking to take 6 games this season.

In my opinion Zeke hasn’t played that well this year-Our line isn’t opening the holes like last year-just my thoughts

I don’t really understand the argument Zeke hasn’t played that well this year. I know he had that one random game against Denver that will probably never happen again in his career, but aside from that his lowest point total has been 15.2 (in standard). 90 yards and a score I will take all day.

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What I’m saying is Zeke looks slower thru his gaps and our offensive line has played ok at best-he may have the numbers (and that’s all that matters I guess) but to me being a diehard Cowboys fan he looks slower and i like him as a player but this 6 game suspension shit is ridiculous and it has to affect him and his team-Cause I know it affects me as a fan and fantasy football player-this whole 6 game suspension is nothing more than Don Vito Goodell on a power trip! He has way too much power and yes that is the owners faults but the way injuries are piling up I don’t see the NFL lasting another 20 years-May be the FFL flag football league–just my thoughts!!

I disagree with football dying. The research on head injuries has only been strong for 7-10 years. They will get the equipment straightened out and give players time to adjust to new rules. As far as Zeke, I really think the 6 game is a stress on his game. I think the suspension is coming. I just believe it will be in the 2018 season.