What do you think? AJ Trade Deal

I get AJ Green and give up Ingram and Thielen.

My RBs are Hunt, Gurley, Mckinnon, Cohen and Duke Johnson
My WRs are Mike Thomas, Mike Evans, Emmanuel Sanders, Thielen and Agholor

I am 4-2 Looking to make a big move.

I do like ingram. But this would bring insane upside to your team. You always have mckinnon as a fall back option IF anything were to happen to your starters. But get green and ride that wave to the championship - you might want to make a move for a another rb in the future or upgrade mckinnon and someone else for a doug martin - but I love your squad.

I really lucked out. I picked up Kareem Hunt because he is a guy I liked to watch on Thursday night MAC games. I got him in the 7th round. This league is not really into trading unless you are 1-5 or 2-4. I am a trade monster and it always has worked out for me. I was thinking about putting Duke Johnson in the deal and see if I couldn’t get Tevin Coleman back as well.

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