What do you think of my team?

Just finished my draft and I feel a little doubt in my team for some reason. just feel like something is missing. I didn’t draft a defense yet and the league kind of schemed against me like idiots at the end for a QB. but I have trade assets. Any ideas or advice would be great.

James White

Mike Evans
Marvin Jones



Dalton (LMAO) but has a decent week 1 match up. Dak and keenum best avail on wire

I like the outlook of your team. Mixon could be a top 10 back this year, Evans is a good wr 1, and solid depth all around. Dalton worries me as your QB even if he has an easy week 1, we saw how he started last year. If you are looking for trades, I think Drake or Funchess would be good players to start with to try and upgrade qb

haha I have been shopping drake and funches together to try and maybe get one more solid WR and no one will budge. its early in preseason and like I said I think after this week people will start getting desperate. esp if there is an injury. I got plenty of trade assets.

i know why you have doubt. because your team is a lot of potential, but not reliable players.mixon, drake, hyde… all guys whos work load we dont know what it will actually end up being. people believe in them, believe in the talent, but that doesnt mean anything if they dont get the touches. WRs its a lot of the same. evans, jones, funchess, crowder… all guys with some kind of turmoil or an outlier season, or some kind of team change. doyle, relying on andrew luck to be who he was before he got hurt. then dalton and his awful play last year. honestly i would rather have dak or keenum there. so what you are missing at this moment is stability. that may change as the season starts, but there are a lot of ?s on this team.

yeah and that’s how I feel. I have been trying to trade for more solid quality pieces by putting together some of these guys. but we just got done with our draft so I know people are really content with there team for the moment. so for right now I’m gonna sit back and let hype rise on these guys esp with how well some of them are performing in preseason and go from there. but I am trying to make moves.

Also I wanna pick up Dak just don’t know how good he will be this year. I thought I was gonna get Mayfield after I seen tyrod go down last night but then he came back into the game. lol

I’m confident in Dak being a competent QB. Something reliable because of his running. His WR core isnt horrible, and he has a run game to help keep his coverages easier. I just wouldn’t start dak week 1. Panthers is his first team and I’m not sure how he will do.

Love the RBs, but I’m a little worried about your WR2 situation. Over all pretty nice.