What do you think of this trade dynasty league... my roster below

I would take the boyd side, I don’t like anything on the other side of that offer. think boyd can be a wr2 or a flex play

I don’t like the receivers you got but if I was taking them I would have needed first round picks to give up Boyd.

Alright cool thanks guys I know my receivers are not the greatest I have 4 2nd round pick though so hopefully I can build through the draft

Look to trade Brees or Jimmy G for a WR. I know in a 2QB league, QBs are at a premium but I think Brees and Jimmy G’s perceived value is higher than their actual value. Brees has the name and offense but his attempts, depth of target, and age are not great. Jimmy G has all the hype in the world but minimal weapons, health issues, and a poor OL.
I would look to trade Brees for a younger QB and WR3 and/or Jimmy G for a WR2 then draft a QB.