What do you want out of Fantasy Football software?

Good afternoon Foot Clan,


I’m a fellow listener and a software engineer. I like building tools to help me everyday and this year, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I would improve the tools I use for fantasy football (i.e. ESPN, fantasypros, thefantasyfootballers, etc…). In the upcoming offseason, I’m hoping to build and test out a few of the tools I’d like to have for next year. If it goes well and I find it useful, then I wouldn’t mind opening it up to the Foot Clan to test it out and get feedback.

What I want to do is to create a fantasy football website/app that improves the experience for the committed fantasy player. I find that ESPN limits how easy it is to analyze certain aspects of my league in-depth, such as trading, comparing players side by side, and spotting trends and consistency.

Using this website as an example, this forum provides a much better writing/message experience than ESPN. If you’ve never used the message board or email feature in ESPN… it’s like pulling teeth.


My question to you is, what are some features or things that you wish existed or could be improved in the fantasy football tools that you use to get ahead in your leagues?

I would really love one app to get info from various sources in relation to news, rankings, strength of schedule both in relation to my team and all the various leagues I’m in, currently PPR, 0.5 PPR and 0 ppr.

I use a few apps to do quick and dirty research and it would be great if one app could integrate them all.

Rotoworld feed personalized to my players for up to date news. Also general info on all players if I wanted to check on other players.

Yahoo type strength of schedule screen to see what a guy will be facing in the future.

NFL.com desktop view has an awesome screen where you see every team and all their players broken up by position. I don’t have a screenshot of it but it’s awesome to peruse the entire league’s rosters and quickly ascertain which teams are RB or WR heavy to target for various trades.

It would also be awesome to get info directly from free and paid sites to see comparisons side by side so I wouldn’t need to go to each site independently. For example if I got the ballers rankings next to someone like John Paulsens from 4for4 or the guys at Rotoviz or Rotounderworld

And if guys on my rosters could be highlighted in the rankings that would also be great since I often scroll past names while on my phone.

And why stop at a news gathering app I would love a Fantasy Football site where I could swap out players mid game! Probably being able to swap guys by quarters would be awesome like when Aaron Rodgers got injured in the first half I would swap him out for a QB on my bench like Deshaun Watson or something.

In regards to communication with the league I’m a little older so some of my friends aren’t on Facebook, I think they feel like it’s something for their wives to use so they stay away for some reason . So finding a way to make your app cool and sports driven might be key to getting my anti-social media friends interested.

Good luck with the development and I hope more Footclan members comment!

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Wow this message is incredible. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply with such a thoughtful response. You have some really great ideas. I honestly have never thought about a fantasy system where you could substitute players in real time and so only their points when in are added to your board. That would add a whole new level of dedication to the fantasy game! Your idea for data aggregation is really great as well. I’ve thought about that for this project. One of the big benefits I want to add is crowd sourcing your lineup decisions each week. This would give you an idea of how people with similar rosters are deciding to set them up (i.e. how many people are starting Michael Thomas over T.Y. Hilton).

Thank you again for the thoughtful response! Good luck with the rest of your fantasy season.

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