What does Eddie Lacy Have To Do

Eddie Lacy has a decent YPC and has proven he can catch the ball out of the backfield, but what does he have to do to live up to the 4th round value?

Well first of all, I find most all-human mock drafts have him going in the 5th with the likes of CJ Anderson and Doug Martin. When the Seahawks had Lynch and Rawls the both of them averaged about 120 carries each. However, most of that was due to injury issues. I figure a good base for Lacy is 150 carries and 7-9 TDs due to his being the goal line back. This would put him around 750-800 yds.

There is also an argument to be made about Russel Wilson getting a lot fewer carries of his own, finally being healthy enough to get the passing game going, and Lacy having lost a significant amount of weight. There is also the chance that Lacy gets Lynch numbers (over 200 touches), and that would be over 1000 yds with a good TD count upside.

My opinion is that Lacy’s floor is a mid-range RB2 with the very real chance at RB1 numbers. I think Lacy just has to play the way he has been playing and the game script will decide kind of value he will be. I am going to target Lacy this year. I am interested to see what ya’ll think.

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I have somehow ended up with him in several dynasty leagues at about the adp you threw out there maybe even later. I never went after him like omg must get eddy, he just fell to me at such a good price I’d have been dumb to not buy in. I think he’s almost a sleeper here. I have my expectations set low, but if he stays healthy I think he might blow people away. He is the type of back they need in Seattle. His size and talent fit the grinder role perfectly and for a team with that kind of defense I’d expect the game script to be in his favor often. So I’m quietly optimistic. Hopefully the ballers can neg him some more to keep his adp low.

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Anybody have a read on how the Seattle O-Line has upcreased or downcreased during the offseason? Feels like it’s been rather porous in recent memory, which could significantly hinder Lacy’s value. He’s a wrecking ball RB who needs to build up a head of steam, so if he gets continuously hit in the backfield, it leaves me worried.

That said, there are worse places to be an RB than in Seattle. As we’ve seen there and places like Buffalo, having a running QB opens up the field for the back. So there’s definitely upside for Lacy’s 2017 campaign. I’d just like to be more confident in their O-line and Lacy’s waist-line.

800 yards on 150 carries is 5.3 ypc which is higher than he’s ever had in his career. I’m sorry but I don’t quite get your math? I should also note that last year Jonathan Stewart had 9 tds and over 800 yards and he came in at rb 23, not exactly much to write home about.

I don’t think Lacy’s floor is mid rb2 at all. First of all, as mentioned above, Seattle’s o-line is abysmal, so we should expect his ypc to decrease, not increase. Also as much as Wilson should be better this year, he’s no Aaron Rodgers, and so you can expect the run to get more attention than it did in Green Bay. Lacy is also in a three-headed backfield, with Rawls and Procise likely to see considerable involvement. And then finally, we have the injury and conditioning concerns that have plagued Lacy throughout his career.

Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely upside here. If Lacy commands the lionshare of the touches, is able to stay fit and healthy and overcomes the o-line issues, he’s an rb1. But there’s a strong possibility that he is inefficient behind a questionable line and has uneven touches week to week, making his true floor a flex/bye week fill in, or worse.

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You are right my floor was too high. I can adjust to bottom RB2, but i feel like flex is too low. I would also like to add I am not a Lacy fan. Just reading the landscape.

The organization has shown little confidence in Rawls so I really do not expect considerable involvement. Procise will likely be used for 3rd downs but Lacy has become a good pass blocker and again, pass catcher. Which is huge in Seattle. There is a reason they went out and got an RB like Lacy. I say 150 carries for worst case, but the last time there was a healthy do-it-all back like Lacy in Seattle, he got 285, 315, 301, and 280 attempts.

Let me also clarify, 800 total yards considering Lacy catches the ball. The Seahawks have added a couple much needed pieces to the offensive line. I expect it to be better, but not great.

@Kaiser, you make some good points and maybe I am boarding the Lacy hype train.

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