What draft position should I choose

So when you win my redraft league you get to choose which spot you draft in the next year. Well this year I won. So I get to pick my draft position in a 10 man standard format redraft league. I tend to think I should take first overall pick. What do y’all think?

It’s kind of hard to judge at this point not being positive about beginning of season rankings. If you have a clear cut player you want like Zeke, Saquon, Gurley or even McCaffery then I would go with the first to make sure you get that player but if you dont care as much between the top tier players I would try to fall back a little. Basically if you have 4 players you would be happy with as your first pick then take pick 4 so you are guaranteed one of them. That way hopefully a little better player could fall to you i the second round.
Personally i hate the wait between picks when you’re at the turn, there is a lot that can happen between rounds and i think it’s a little harder to wait on a player you really want

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I think there are stats that say your chances of winning your league are drastically improved when you draft top 3. I also like having that early 3rd rounder.

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5th. You’ll have the best shot at getting the players you want throughout the whole draft.

Depends on your strategy: if you like having a top dog RB go for number 3 or 4 as a top back will fall to you either way (assuming you dont prefer any, if not go n°1). If you like a top WR you have to decide if you really like Hopkins better than the rest, if not go for the end of the round. If you like balance Id go for 7 or 8, a great guy will fall for you either way. I find draft position to be only relative to YOUR preferences, and not increase your chances of winning.

I really like 3-5 range. You can get an elite guy with the first and still have some of the exceptional guys be available in the second.


i tend to like the double pick. yes it’s a long wait but i don’t mind it

in this case you can’t get anything for trading back and offering up the 1.01

so id take it.

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As @CoonskinBob mentioned, drafting in the middle yields the highest win percentages. Usually because you don’t have to reach for players.

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Can’t anyone point me in the direction of an article or something that shows these statistics. I saw them years ago but can’t remember where.