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What draft slot should you take?


Our league has the choice of choosing which slot in the draft you get based on last year’s standings. So if you win the consolation bracket, you can choose which place in the draft you want to pick from and so on down the standings. Every person after chooses where they want to pick until they are all chosen. My question is, should I always choose the the slot closest to the front, or when should I think about choosing the slot near the end? We have 14 teams, and my thought is always choose the spot closest to the front, but is there any strategy to choosing a slot near the end? I understand I’ll get 2 pretty solid guys in the round 1 and 2 but after that I miss out on other players.

What are your thoughts?


I’m no expert in 14 team leagues, but I think I would find myself wanting to be somewhere in the middle. Mostly just because I would hate waiting 2 years to take my next draft pick.

That could be awful advice, but that wait would kill me.


this is where knowledge on league mates can come in handy. im more partial to a later pick because it gives you a more solid core, especially in a 14 man. but it doesnt always work out that way, so knowing who you atre playing with can be huge. if you know you are in a league that covets WRs then you can safely go pick 12, 13, 14 and still get a top endish RB. same kind of vice versa. if you really dont know, maybe go for a 7, 8, 9 pick. gives you the upside of a top end kind of guy, with some decent depth after that. of cource there is the 1, 2, 3 picks, which means you will get a top end RB. so if you know your league covets RB, then i would for sure go early, snag you a top flight guy, then wait for the turn and get you some probably pretty damn good WR.