What gives me a better shot of winning?

I’m on the left starting with Ryan. The question is trading my Ertz away for Tyreek Hill 1:1.

The league is full PPR, Extra point for 40 yard receptions, 120+ yards, and other stuff like that which is good for Tyreek obviously. I absolutely have to win this week or else I’m toast.

And for anyone who has already seen this…apologies for the repeat. Please let me know if anything here happens to change your previous stance. I’m going to accept it tonight barring something new/groundbreaking that is mentioned…

Actually f it, I’m taking it. Y’all are right. I gotta put it all on the line and Tyreek is the only one of the two who can really win the week for me almost single handedly if he goes off.

Yes because you have Doyle anyway

Man everyone keeps saying that haha. I thought I was a Doyle fan…until I saw what a real Doyle fan is here lol. Doyle rules, Doyle rules, Doyle rules…

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Lol Doyle is a great Te and has a great Schedule for playoffs !

I agree and certainly hope we are all correct!

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I accepted the trade by the way. Now watch it get veto’ed in my ridiculous league.

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