What have you done to your league to spice things up?

What’s up #Footclan,

I’m the commissioner of a long standing (8 year) auction keeper league. We’re currently a ten team standard scoring league and the idea of changing settings freaks everyone out. Mainly because teams have been built with these settings and changing them would throw a wrench into years of hard work.

That said I’m looking for tips, ideas, suggestions on simple setting changes that will add some more excitement to the league, without shaking things up too much. Below are my ideas that i’m contemplating so either weigh in on those or feel free to add your own! Thank you!

  • Removing Kickers
  • Adding an extra flex
  • 6 point QB TD
  • half point PPR
  • Point System Scoring Standings

I like having a “penalty” for the person in last place at the end of the season. It gives an extra incentive for everyone to really try not only for the win but to not take the L. Also
Like maybe the last placer needs to buy everyone lunch at some point during the year

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I personally don’t like changing passing TDs to 6pts. This makes QB rushing TDs not as dynamic, so you’re scrambling QBs (Newton, Jackson, Dak, Wilson) don’t have as much of an impact on your roster.

Removing Kickers is a must. I hate kickers and it took me years to finally convince everyone to take them off the rosters. Kickers are too random from week to week. I would like to get rid of defense and either go IDP or none at all.

We talked about adding a 2nd FLEX but thought that would cause too many people to go RB heavy. So we switched to 3RBs and 3WRs with no FLEX.

Another idea you could do for a 10-team league is making it a 2-QB league.

HPPR is the way to go. Makes receiving RBs relevant without overdoing it.

Love this. We talked about doing something like this in the past but it never took off. Will rekindle the idea this season!

Was the league with 3RB/ 3WR a ten team league? Did that affect overall depth of rosters and free agency at all? Also, did you increase bench spots by adding another position to the starting lineup?

We added one bench spot. 12 team HPPR 1QB, 3RB, 3WR, 1TE, DST league is what we play in with 2 Keepers (1 rd penalty, 7th rd minimum) $55 buy-in. Bench depth plays a huge role. We also do a week 3 free agent draft. So for the first two weeks you can’t add anyone off waivers, then in week 3 we do another draft. Whoever is in last gets first pick etc.

We also do a rivalry week (week 3). Rivals are drawn at the draft. Winner gets to change the others name and picture and they can’t change it again until the end of the season (other side bets are made too).

Each week we have a random scoring competition. Winner of this gets $10. Could be most points from bench, total points from a position, most TDs etc. Ties are carried over to the following week.

We have fees for being late to the draft, not paying fees on time, not attending draft etc. This money goes into a pool. Then every 4 years we have a “super bowl” where the buy-in is $100 winner take all (minus weekly bonuses). This is a destination draft, usually to a cabin or condo somewhere.

There is also a league loser. Those who don’t make the playoffs go to the loser bracket. Weekly matchups. If you lose you advance. So the one who wins the ultimate loser has to keep the shame trophy visible in their house for the season as well as performing one of the “loser punishments”. Draw one randomly, there is a list of 20 possible punishments they have to do in order to stay in the league. This ranges from eating 4000 calories of one food (like big macs) from a fast food restaurant, getting a tattoo on your butt, displaying a fathead on your wall of your biggest disappointment from the season, having your legs/chest/back waxed, shotgunning 6 beers and performing drills from the rookie combine, being the “butler” at the next draft, running in a 5k in whatever outfit chosen by the league etc.