What if I don't want to keep a keeper?

Hey All,

Our league is coming back to a keeper league after not having keepers for a couple of years. A couple of managers are fine with a keeper league, but do NOT want to pick a keeper. I’m the commish of this league and I’m leaning on honoring their question, but is there something I’m missing or haven’t thought of that could make not keeping a keeper unfair or cause an advantage/disadvantage to other league members?

Im in a league in wich we only keep 1 player. We can decide to keep 1 player or not. Usually someone who doesnt keep 1 player had a bad team last year and just wants to start his team fresh. Or they feel like there’s better value by not keeping.

I’ve been in a couple Keeper leagues for a few years now, where we could keep anywhere from 1 to 4 players.

I can’t say I’ve found an unfair advantage to not keeping anyone. There are times where I’ve traded by value players for higher picks, and have kept 2 of 4 players.

In my keeper league when someone has more than the three allotted keepers and has to release the others into the draft pool, they typically will find a trade partner to accumulate some additional mid round picks…our league champion once decided to not keep anybody and released everyone into the draft pool so he could take Zeke his rookie year…panned out for him