What if Kelce Intercepted that ball?

In ESPN leagues would he have been credited 2 points? I am playing against him, so just wondering if I got a litle lucky becuase he could have picked that easy? Plus I started Rivers so double lucky

Who was your other QB that you started Rivers over?

And yes…sorry…in full PPR at ESPN an INT is 2 pts.


But if you dont play with individual defensive players would they credit the offensive player with an INT or just KC Def.

Actually…yes. Sorry I didn’t make that part clear. Generally an OFF player can’t get pts for an interception. It would be the DEF.:smirk:

Sorry…if I lead you astray. I figure most that I respond back and forth with have at least a grasp for the way most leagues play. So…there ya go…give me the “ASSUME” award…what you get when you just “assume” things!!! Forgive me if I messed you up my friend!!!