What in the world do I do? Bad luck and a lot of points

Whats up, guys. Im in a competative league and my team has scored a ton of points to date. Ive scored 802.95 thru 6 weeks, while my opponets have scored 853.08. Landing me at a smooth 2-4. Its terrible to watch my team score more than the majority of the league week in and out and still lose. Im curious as to what the footclan thinks I should do with my current roster. Should I make moves for a better WR? Should I hold out and just make do with what ive got? Please offer any imput! Thanks guys!
Ps: this is a full point PPR. players get +3 for over 100 yards rushing/recieving and QBs get +3 for over 300.

QB: D. Watson, T. Taylor
RB: E. Elliot, D. Martin, J. Mckinnon, A. Abdullah, D. Johnson, A. Morris
WR: S. Diggs, K. Allen, D. Thomas, P. Garcon
TE: Gronk, J. Reed
K: Gostowski