What In The World Do I Do With This 1-3 Lineup? Will Help In Return

First off: 10 team league, Full PPR, Redraft.

So I’m looking at a few trade options, and waivers as well. I have an open roster spot (currently held by Penny) that is going to need to go to a TE this week for Burton’s bye. That being said, I’m considering a few trades. The first has me trading Odell away for Juju and Sony Michel. I have another offer out to an owner not at all likely to be accepted that would see me giving away Breida, Fitzgerald, and Mike Williams for Mixon and Kelvin Benjamin (who would of course then be a drop). I might instead offer this same owner Breida and Ajayi both for Mixon, or perhaps offer both Breida and Ajayi for Dalvin Cook. I also have the #1 waiver right now, and I’m intrigued by Hines, Coutee, Dede, and some others, but not sure I want to use that waiver for either of them right now. Any thoughts on any of this?

QB: Mahomes
RB: Breida
RB: Ajayi
WR: Odell
WR: Davante Adams
TE: Burton
W/R/T: Josh Gordon
DEF: Stream
K: Tucker
BN: Callaway
BN: Mike Williams
BN: Fitzgerald
BN: Fournette
BN: Austin Ekeler
BN: Penny (Dropping)

I maybe like Hines over Ekeler, but not a ton more. Hines has the upside of getting involved with that offense a little more consistently as a pass catching back. Ekeler is great but I avoid him because I dont think I will ever start him he just scores a bunch of bench points

Any thoughts on the trade options I suggested?

bump help!!!

Have u thought about maybe trying to drop Gordon or Williams in a trade… people are chasing their name… Williams obviously don’t trade if it’s keeper or dynasty but for a single season then I would throw their name in because it’s names that are getting out there and hit in the news… maybe like a ajayi and Williams for someone

Any opportunities of getting Yeldon? For the moment, I kinda like the idea of Odell for Juju and Michel… Odell will probably be fine all year but I personally believe the offensive line situation still limits the Giants productivity. Michel is looking to be in a great opportunity and could be solid down the stretch, but is a bit of an unknown. Don’t go for Cook- you already got one RB with ongoing hamstring issues. Imagine having both on your bench for chunks of the season. Looking to trade for RB is hard right now… I’ve been struggling to fill in for Mixon the past couple weeks.

I haven’t even attempted to grab yeldon. No clue what the price could be tbh