What is a handcuff

Hey footclan. This might seem like a silly question to most but what exactly is a handcuff and how do you utilize them

My starters are. Keenan Allen, Melvin Gordon, Stefan diggs, James Connor and Jordan Howard Bench players are Jordan Howard, Duke Johnson, Corey Davis and Sutton

Not at all. a handcuff is basically a skill position player RB or WR, not really applied to the other positions who is the backup to a valuable fantasy starter or fantasy situation and also talented enough themselves to step in and succeed should the starter go down or the workload for them increase in that situation.

Generally later in the season pickups, week 10/11 onwards unless of course something happens before then. You use them to ‘handcuff’ either the high value starter you have shares in yourself for example if you own Gurley you own Malcom Brown/John Kelly, if you own Melvin Gordon you own Ekeler etc. Or if they are available and you have a free bench spot that you can spare, pick on of these guys up and hold them. Sometimes they have no use whatsoever but should a starter go down you beat the waiver wire and will have a potential league winner for free.

Always try and insure your own starters first but after that or if not available grab the handcuff for another owners top tier starters. If nothing else they often carry some trade value in packages. Or Conner which you already have is proving exactly why a talented handcuff in a great situation is worth the investment. Equally i grabbed Conner off of the waivers before the news broke and traded him for a high price to the Lev Bell owner so you can use them multiple ways.

Your specific team really it is just Austin Ekeler you need to have ideally but grabbing Mike or Tyrell Williams would be the handcuff with Keenan Allen should he get hurt they would get more targets. Tarik Cohen is another one but he has stand alone value so isn’t a typical handcuff like Tevin Coleman is as well. That’s probably the best i can do lol hope it helps. Can discuss specific handcuffs and situations if needed.


Won’t get much better of an explanation than what James gave!


My guide on how to use handcuffs:


interesting, could you elaborate as to why?

I always build my rosters for maximum upside so I don’t like using 2 roster slots to secure one startable position. It caps my teams upside and the amount of players I can hit on that helps my team or gives me pieces to trade with.

Only times I roster handcuffs is if I draft before the season and I draft OTHER people’s handcuffs so if their starters get injured, I get another start RB and when its like 2-3 weeks from playoffs and I am locked for playoffs, then I protect my starters with handcuffs.

ANd only exception to this rule was this year, if I drafted Lev Bell, then I made sure to draft Conner but that was situation specific.

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fair point, especially since bench spots are few

If you play the handcuff game well (with some luck) you can get great starters for nearly nothing. This year I got conner and yeldon that helped me win games. You just have to be prepared when the starters come back.

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