What is Alvin Kamara's trade value?

Someone in my dynasty league is interested in trading for Kamara. Not really wanting to trade him, but just curious what he’s worth. The main players I would be interested in that the other team has is Melvin Gordon, DeAndre Hopkins, Kareem Hunt, and Miles Sanders. I know that in any trade I do (if I did trade Kamara), I would want a 1st rounder involved in the trade.

I have 2 first round picks already, but no more picks until the 4th round.

Could use help at WR probably (Tyreek Hill, Larry Fitzgerald, Sammy Watkins, Stefon Diggs), but I would need a guy to replace Kamara if I traded him as my RB2 is Chris Carson and my best depth RB is Chris Thompson lol

Full PPR idp league btw

Anyone have any thoughts?

I was offered this trade

I receive:
Kareem Hunt
Derrius Guice
2020 1st Round Pick (most likely a top 8 pick)

I give up:
Alvin Kamara

Is it even worth considering??? My team is 3-3 right now and I would like to stack up on picks in next year’s rookie draft.

I think that’s good for Dynasty. Never done dynasty but it seems okay. You get a first rounder that you can stack, Hunt can come back and contribute this year but I’ve heard he may be playing somewhere else next year which would boost his value as he is very talented, and then maybe Guice can be something later on. But you lose a guaranteed RB1 this year

Absolutely not. Kamara’s having a down year but he’s a lock for top 5 value in dynasty. Hunt and Guice are way too much risk to take on just for a top 8 1st.

Regarding the guys you’re interested in, I’d be persistent on Nuk-plus; I’m assuming Nuk is the only “lock” on the guys roster, so target him in a package. A 1st is nice, but I’d prefer a RB in return over a pick since you’re parting with an RB. Poke around at his RBs for a high 2 (Mack/Coleman range, maybe they’re low on Connor/Mixon) and negotiate from from there.