What is CMCs value? What would you require for him?

I know CMC is my best player but I’m just debating trading him for multiple strong players because my team feels weak.
QB: rivers
RB: CMC Jordan Howard Damien Williams David Montgomery devonta Freeman jaylen samuels
Wr: juju Lockett Josh Gordon Ridley diontae Johnson
TE: mandrews

Would you debate something like CMC for zeke and golladay/ Godwin?

If you were being offered Zeke and a top level receiver like Godwin for CMC I’d take that trade. Considering your receivers have been underperforming.

I don’t know if you can expect to get that high of a caliber RB and WR combo for him, but if you could, I would def do it. Zeke is not a big drop off from CMC, so if I was the Zeke owner, I probably wouldn’t make that trade.

I would say a caliber running back such as Zeke and a wide receiver no less but equal to Courtland Sutton and if you can see if you can get a first round for next year.