What is Dalvin Cook’s outlook ROS

I’m thinking about targeting Cook as I have Murray. What’s his value and will he bounce back?

I bought into him as a possible Conner replacement.

We still don’t know if he’s what he was before the knee injury honestly. He wasn’t very effective this year as a runner before he got hurt with the hammy, but he was very effective as a receiver so he will have ppr value.

I think they might be rushing it by playing him this week so close to their bye, but if he is 100%, he has the talent/situation to be an RB1. Theilen and Diggs should keep teams from stacking the box too much, and as stated above, he should be involved in the passing game too.

Chris Thompson + enough for Cook?

I got him for Royce Freeman and ended up tossing in like a 6th or 7th for next year.

Not knowing if I lose Conner’s value made it worth that to me. I only threw in the pick to shut up a few guys in league who raised hell that it ‘wasn’t fair’ even though I pass everything through that’s not cheating. Ah the joys of being in charge of a group of man children. :slight_smile:

I got cook for Thompson and Corey Davis. Good deal?

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Corey Davis is better on someone else’s roster lol. So yea I think you did good.thomson is injured also.

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Corey Davis and Thompson both below on someone else’s roster clogging it up.

IDK why Cook would take a snap in this game with the bye next week. I do like his prospects upon return. Murray is a great runner, but Dalvin is a little more shifty and should be more involved in the passing game.