What is David Johnsons trade value right now?

I want to pursure DJ from a league member and I was wondering how much he is worth. I think joe mixon is a decent trade

if u can pull that off do it now before sunday

Wait no keep Joe Mixon

No, definitely get david johnson. I love joe mixon, but this is a no brainer. This is the lowest you will ever see johnson, and you can play him immediately.

I’m attempting to get him as well. I’m thinking Conor because I’m scared Bell may come back and I have Melvin Gordon as my other RB

Should I trade Tyreek Hill for David Johnson. I am in need of a RB, but my WR depth is pretty good

If you got depth then go for it bro

Eh not counting the injury I’d still have Mixon. Cards look terrible and while DJ still should be good I think he’s 2016 Gurley. While Mixon will establish himself as a top 5 back

As a DJ owner the trade I’d want would be a lower WR1 and a serviceable RB. Like AJ+Tevin.

It’s why most of us DJ owners are stuck, we can’t get the value we need but he stinks right now. If he goes off this week (if they bench bradford) value is going through the roof though.