What is Ekeler's value as a Melvin Gordon owner?

The Ekeler owner keeps trying to trade me him and I don’t know what he’s worth. He wants me to give him Kirk Cousins and Morris and he would give me Ekeler and Luck. I like Kirk this year with his weapons and think Luck is a downgrade but having Ekeler as handcuff seems nice and cozy. Please give advice.

Hmm. That’s kind of fair, actually. You are on the downside of that but the value of handcuffing him is conceivably enough to make up for downgrade from Cousins to Luck. I think you hold off, or at least I would personally hold off and just risk it with Gordon alone, but just saying it’s not totally unreasonable to consider this trade.

thats basically exactly what i told him. he offered a very fair trade, i just wasnt interested at the moment…he then sent me 3 more messages trying to convince me why i need ekeler lol

Sounds like he reallllly wants you to be more concerned about Gordon…lol.

yea he’s a good league mate but he’s offered me ekeler earlier in a lopsided trade that i rejected…he really wants to move him and thinks i value him a lot which i really dont…that being said hes probably a high end rb2 low end rb1 if melvin goes down