What is eric ebron now worth?

I currently have Olsen and could probably trade Jordan Howard for ebron straight up. Should i do it?

My lineup is as follows
QB: Brees
RB: Melvin Gordon, Fournette, Lindsay, Kerryon, Howard
WR: Hopkins, Hill, TY, MVS, Sutton
TE: Olsen

Who is your RB going to be next week Goldon hurt, LF suspended, Kerryon hurt (is he coming back) if you trade Howard?

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I have first round bye in playoffs

Will Gordon or Johnson be back in time? RB sounds like a bigger issue right now for you.

I’d do it. This is a no brained IMO. Howard has become a Blount lite. I’m sure gore is still on the waivers and you can plug him in if your desperate for a RB.

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I think Ebron would give you a much higher ceiling thatn Olsen.

I’d do it but maybe try to do a two for two deal. You throw in Olsen and try to get back a RB you can start just in case. Not sure that would work though if that team is needing RBs.

He is very desperate for a rb unfortunately. Maybe it would be best to flip TY for a RB. I forgot to mention I have AJ Green too

Yeah you had a lot of injuries hit at once. I would try to cover both bases. Ebron looks like hes going to easily be a top 5 te this year and ROS and a guy that could blow up any week and give you a win. I think he’s worth going and getting.

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I have Ebron, traded Howard away a couple weeks ago. If the guy would do that trade its worth it, you still have depth and can make moves if you need. It might take Howard + Player X, but if you think you can make a deal without giving up too much you should try. Indy knows they’re close to giving Ebron the single season TE td record, he’s going to finish strong. So many experts, so many of my league mates were talking him down all year, look at him now. He’s the man, got him in the 15th round of the draft this season.

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I did that with Eifert the year he blew up and it was glorious.

He also has the last 2 games(after your bye) at home, on a team that is on fire and in the hunt for the playoffs. The Colts are going to be scoring points like crazy. Dallas and the Giants at home weeks 15/16.

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