What is going on in my league?

The commissioner of my league traded Kupp, dalvin Cook and justin tucker for Julio and Baldwin 2 days ago, picked up latavius this morning, then traded latavius to the same person for tucker?? Does this make any sense?

That makes no sense at all. Especially trading and rb for a kicker. You may want to talk with the rest of your league and see what they think. It seems a bit fishy to me

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Ya, I’m definitely going to talk to a few of them tomorrow. The only thing that I can think of is that Cook was downgraded right after the trade went through so maybe he felt bad like he was screwing him? But the second trade clearly helps the team that received Dalvin, so in a way could be collusion? this is a strange, fishy situation for sure.

In the words of Rodney Ruxin… COLLUSION! none of this makes any sense.
shut it down.

We got rid of the veto this year as well so all the trades only go through the commissioner for approval.

Yup shut it down man. There needs to be an explanation and even if he felt bad that’s the name of the game. The other team could have grab Murray if they wanted

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That’s DISGUSTING OMGGG… id be walkin’ on that league :v::v:

Or maybe he simply didnt want to include tucker in the intial trade but had to. Saw cook go down before anyone else and picked up latavius before anyone else… then offered latavius back for tucker who btw is probably the best kicker in the league. Point wise anyway. I don’t see the problem