What is Golladay worth?

Im trying to get a couple more ROS receivers on my team.

I currently have 3 TEs and want to get rid of one (Ebron, Burton, Engram).

Is Golladay worth something like Engram/JBrown or Engram/Coutee?

Just for reference my WRs are…MThomas, Ridely, Kupp, Brown, and Coutee.

Someone did offer me Boyd for Burton…still thinking about that one.

Thanks for the help!

Boyd for Burton is fair. I might consider that one. Golladay is a middling wr2 rest of season I think, and Boyd is a back end 2 or high end flex. I wouldn’t give up both Engram and JBrown. Coutee I would probably do.

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Golladay > Engram + Coutee

Engram + Smokey is pretty even. I like Smokey a lot too.

Boyd for Burton is also a good one. I’d take that with Boyd’s upcoming schedule.

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I would also do Burton for Boyd

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