What Is Kamara's long term value in Dynasty?

Considering the future qb situation in New Orleans, will Kamara be as good and efficient after Brees retires?

Thanks in advance!

No probably not but Kamara’s going to make any QB’s life easier. Still a reasonably high end RB1 without Brees I’d guess. I wouldn’t be looking to sell that’s for sure


Too hard to say without knowing who the QB would be. A rookie, likely lowers AK for the year or so. A veteran probably does very little to AK’s value.

But as @rob_02 notes there is no reason to move AK now. For all we know, Brees could be there until 2022. IMHO, Brees leaving hurts MT far more. In general, RBs are a bit less dependent on their QB due to how the position interacts. Losses to the line is a bigger hit on RBs.