What is Kareem Hunt’s Dynasty Value

The morality aside here. I drafted Hunt as a rookie and just have been sort of sitting on him and waiting for the situation to pan out. I’m starting to get trade offers for him.

The best being a Rookie draft 2020 2nd for Hunt and a rookie draft 2020 4th

What do you think his value is?

last time i checked he is suspended for the first 8 games of this coming up season. With all the weapons on the browns i can imagine you can get a decent pick in the 2nd of 2020. idk i just dont see hunt having that much value with chub being there.

Hunt’s value really depends on what team brings him in for 2020, as just a 1 year deal with Cle. He’s a good buy low target for dynasty imo

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so if you hold on to him till that day you shouldn’t move him!

now you have clearance…8 games Suspension and a red flag! but the main point is he is still in the league and obviously he has Talent and showed that he can be a fantasy stud!

so as @Justahermit he most likely be gone after that year!
but in the worst Situation he has more value than a 2020 2nd imo!?!?

Hunt is deff more worth then a 2nd rounder. I got him in a trade and am sicked!
He gonna ball out in 2020, dont believe he stays with the browns. Worst case rb2 fantasy wise.
But you aint going to get that with that 2nd round pick.

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He’s not so much an asset this year for fantasy season. Week 9 or 10, depending on the bye week which I’m too lazy to investigate, before he touches a ball in a game. Is he worth a 2020 2nd? 2020 draft looks stacked. Just depends what your needs are. If he’s yours already, just sit on him and let his value grow. He’s got history to always have interest from other owners, but if he lands a spot in say… TB in 2020… what’s his value worth then? No need to sell now… some owners fret and play hot potato instead of letting the value grow over time.