What is Kelce worth?

Here is what my team looks like
Kupp, Lockett, Robbie Anderson
CMC, Carson, Mostert, Robinson
Kittle, Kelce

Do you guys think I should trade Kelce for top tier WR or another RB and what comes to mind for each?

Dang, how did you pull off Kittle and Kelce?

You could get A Rob, possibly a Golladay, straight up for Kelce. The top tier WRs (Nuke/Ridley/Adams/MT/Julio) probably not a straight up trade.

However, keep in mind that trades are subjective to what the team owner values their players at. A good value trade to me may not be the same to one of your league team owners.

Hahaha I knew that was going to be the first question anyone would ask.

I ended up with this team because my league decided to yolo this year due to COVID so we all auto drafted. I’d say it worked out pretty well for me lol.

Obviously my RB core is much stronger but with everyone working with silly string for ligaments my thought was to try and get an Aaron Jones for Kelce.

You like Robinson or Ridley that much for a straight trade with Kelce?