What is Kelley worth?

Footclan, I am currently sitting at 4-0. I have Kelley and I am trying to figure out what I can get for him to improve my team in the long run, but I am not sure how to value him exactly. I know he may be the starting RB for right now but I am worried that his fumbles/lack of production the last couple weeks is an indication of things to come… Should I flip him before next week? and if so, what for? 10 team half-ppr

Current Roster:
QB: Dak
RB: Kamara
RB: Connor
WR: Thielen
WR: McLaurin
TE: Kelce
Flex: D. Parker
BN: Gallup
BN: Tonyan
BN: L. Murray
BN: Kelley
BN: A. Gibson

I have been in talks with the Chubb/Ekler owner (His only “healthy” back is Bell right now) and have been discussing a 1 for 1 Kelley/Odell, but he is set on giving me either Kupp or Fuller.

Kelley for Kupp or Fuller would be a good trade. That would definitely be value in your favor.

After OBJ’s game against Dallas, recency bias has driven his price up.

I would take the trade for either one of those players.

The only real issue I see is you dont have a lot of RB depth. Kelley is set to see an increased role now that Ekeler is gone for a while.

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That’s kind of what I am worried about is my RB depth. I’m trying to figure out in this volatile RB world we live in if he is even worth letting go… I just feel like WR production is much easier to replace. I mean, Aiyuk and Higgins are both still on waivers…

I actually just picked up Kelley from waivers. I believe he will have some value while Ekeler is out.

Definitely. Yeah I will probably just stash him for now. Thank you!