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What is Mark Ingram's value?


I own ingram in a couple leagues and have had some offers for him. I had one for straight up carlos hyde.
I’m not sold on that one but what do you guys think would be a fair trade for him.


I mean the cleveland schedule for the next 5 weeks is pretty incredible. But I would try to get another player in that deal.


Ingram for Hyde isn’t bad but that’s a pretty lateral move. If you can use Ingram + To upgrade WRs and get like keenan ALlen or something, that would be good. Or if you need depth, take Ingram and turn him into like an Aaron Jones + John Borwn type trade, I’d take that as well.


lol I get what you’re saying but i have john brown and aaron jones on my team. Just a funny example lol


Well then, tip my hat to you sir.


yea i’m in a bit of a situation this week because of bye weeks and i’m not sure what to do tonight for waivers. Ill list my team below what you think i should do. I Just don’t know who to drop this week for a QB and I’m not sure if anyone on my team is worth dropping for some of the waiver guys this week. Its a 10 man PPR league and im 3-2

Brees BYE

Mark Ingram
Jordan Howard
Kerryon Johnson
Lesean Mccoy
Aaron Jones

Julio Jones
Quincy Enunwa
John Brown



I’d hold onto him unless you can get something serious.


What does the kamaras owner roster look like anything u like on that guys roster… as a kamara owner myself I have been working on trying to get ingram but the guy will not give in or come to reason with Ingram’s value… I would see if the kamara owner would like anything to do with him he may be willing to give up more then what he’s actually worth.