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What is Mccoys value at the moment?


So I’m trying to strengthen my roster by looking for a few 2 for 1 trades

current roster


Tedd Ginn

Luck on IR

I was offered Diggs/Sanders and Gilisllee/Cohen for Mccoy, am I stupid in thinking that I should be able to get more for Mccoy?


You’re not stupid. McCoy is still getting tons of volume. Looking at your team, the first trade would give you a lot of solid WRs but leave you real thin at RB. The second trade, Gillislee is so dependant on TDs and Cohen, while he looks awesome in PPR, I just think McCoy is worth more.
From what I’ve seen, McCoy is being undervalued by a lot of people this year. I’d hold him unless you could get a trade for a good WR and RB combo.


Thanks for the reassurance!

I’m definitely going to hold, Mccoys value is about as low as it will be I think, and I can almost certainly get more in the future.


If you can get Diggs and Cohen for McCoy id consider it but I believe McCoy is in for a big week, so if you want to trade him I would look to do it after this week.


Actually, Diggs and Cohen for McCoy sound pretty good to me… Interested to see what the rest of the people think.


Diggs and Cohen was the offer after he initially suggested Diggs/Sanders and Gilislee, I don’t want Gilisee really, he’s just too TD dependent


yea no but if you can get Diggs, Sanders and Cohen for McCoy i would do it XD


would prob flip sanders for someone like D. Martin


it’s just Diggs and Cohen, or Sanders and Cohen for Mccoy, I think I am better at least holding this week, but appreicate that you think it’s worth considering


yep hold it and after this week you’ll be able to get some mad value for him.