What is Melvin Gordon’s trade value? .5PPR

Hello, I am 0-2. Need some guidance. What is his trade value? Or weather the storm?

I’d say he probably doesn’t have much trade value right now. I feel like a lot of people won’t want to give up a solid player for him yet. Even when he gets back I’m not so sure since Ekeler has been looking so good and he won’t be back til week 8 or 9 I believe so I wouldnt expect him to produce much of anything til week 10-11. I guess it would really depend on how much you think the other managers would be willing to give up for him if they’re in a good spot with their team.

Good person to target for the trade might actually be the ekeler owner. Would have to be for someone other than Ekeler I would guess though. Not super sure though since I dont know your team or the ekeler owner’s team.

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