What is Melvin Gordon's value?

I’ve been dealing with injuries all year, especially at running back and specifically the hamstring. With so many guys going down, I’m left wondering each week if they’re going to play. And if they do play, are they going to re-aggravate it. Somehow I’m still right in the middle of the pack in my league.

What could I get for Gordon? I’m thinking a lower end RB1 and a WR2.

RBs: Gordon, Fournette, Mack, Jones, Hyde
WR: Evans, Hilton, Baldwin, Lockett, Sutton

With byes completely done for my team after this week, if I stand pat and guys can stay on the field. Gordon, Fournette, Mack, Jones is a great group.

But on the other side I could see Gordon and Fournette staying hurt, Jones continuing to not be used (WTF McCarthy) and Mack regressing.

Yikes… My gut says I’m getting too cute with it and to just hope for the best and be ready at the WW if/when they go down.