What is nagy doing? Bears fans help

As a bears fan I love the way this team is going, but what I dont understand is what nagy is doing to Howard. It just seems as hes trying to split the time in the backfield 50/50 and to do that to the type of runner Howard is doesnt help him. It also just seems as hes trying to phase out the downhill run game and have just a fast paced high octane team that can score a lot.

Also hes trying to force Howard to run out of the shotgun which doesnt help his running style. This is just so frustrating to watch especially knowing they struck gold when they drafted him so late and they’re giving the work to back who deserves it.

I’m not a Bears fan but I do have Howard which has left me frustrated so far. I figured Howard would be running wild considering how good that defense is, but I overestimated his production by a bit. He is still getting decent touches, I can’t imagine he won’t get more as the season goes on. You need to slow the game down with how good that defense can be, keep them fresh by running the ball. Its just not happening though.

On the positive side, you’re one play away from beating the Packers…Fuller’s dropped interception. And one play away from beating the Bears…that field goal.

You hit the nail on the head. Howard’s almost like Conner in the sense that they need to get him the touches early and getting him rolling early or hes just not producing like in years past. I also am a Howard owner and it just doesnt make sense that they arent slowing game down to keep the d fresh. But trust me ik and that’s what’s frustrating to know they have been so close to having a 5-0 record. Last season was the same way they had so many close games they could have won and I know they’re still a young team but nagy just needs to slow the game down with their stud rb