What is Sanu's FF value going forward? Drop Riddick and Pick up Monte?

Matt Ryan and the Falcons are deflating, so would it be a smart move to drop Sanu and pick up Pettis, Doctson, or Gallup for the playoffs? With the Falcons not showing up these past weeks, it is a concern to hold onto their WR3/WR4 going forward for me.

For Riddick, I see less value even though he does get attention most games but their match-ups coming up are tough. I see the Ravens utilizing Ty more going forward to keep in the run.


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Anyone’s thoughts?

I think you’re safe to drop Sanu for Pettis. The Riddick/Ty thing comes down more to matchups probably. Ty has the easier schedule between the two if you look at it from that angle.

Thoughts about Ty over Dion Lewis? Lewis is the primary back but he has been awful and not producing, and doesnt seem promising going forward.

Lewis’s schedule coming up is rough with Jax, NYG, and Wsh, all whom have been good against the run. I would stick with TY on this but temper expectations since Bal backfield is in a weird state of flux.