What is the best/easiest site to start dynasty leagues?

Trying to figure out how to create a free dynasty league this year and i’m not sure which fantasy football site is the best for it. Let me know your suggestions! Thanks!

I use ESPN because I am familiar with it and have had leagues in it for 6 years, but fleaflicker has more settings to make your league more customizable.

I tried to start one on espn but for some reason I cannot change the schedules (it won’t let me change it to end the season in week 16 instead of week 17) and I cannot change the playoff bracket. Is there a way to do this besides going into “edit league settings?” For some reason it is locked when I try to change it.

if you did it today, you can’t change them yet because their system is still in the 2017-2018 season, over the summer you can change those settings and the draft settings once the ESPN system starts the 2018-2019 season

If this is your first Dynasty I would go with fleaflicker. It tracks year to year, has off-season trading and allows you to trade picks. It is a lot less to keep track of for the commissioner.

I vote My Fantasy League. Most people hate it at first, then can’t live without it.

If you go with ESPN you will definitly need a google doc to keep track of trades, picks, and teams in the offseason. I can share what a couple of my leagues use if you end up going that way.