What is the lowest you would sell Ertz for

I’m very lacking at WR and I was able to pick up OJ Howard as a TE replacement.

Figured I play Howard ROS and use the name value and production of Ertz to attain a starting WR (my best wrs are sanders and baldwin).

I have an offer on the table for Juju (bye week), but is this really the best I can do? What is the lowest you would settle for?

Thanks guys.

I think JuJu is about the best you will get for Ertz 1 for 1…

If that offer is on the table, and you are willing to play OJ Howard rest of season at TE then I would accept it because I doubt you will get much more for him…

You could possibly try to buy low on Keenan Allen in a 1 for 1 with Ertz…

But to get any of the top tier WR1s, you will have to offer more than just Ertz alone and do some sort of 2 for 1 trade like Ertz/Baldwin to have any shot at the top tier receivers…

So to answer you question, in a 1 for 1 trade I believe JuJu is about the best you will get for Ertz…


JuJu is a fair deal for Ertz 1 to 1. In fact, I’d probably rather have JuJu than Ertz. Ertz right now is the equivalent of a WR15. JuJu is a top 12 WR. Given how much you are struggling at WR, starting JuJu is pretty favorable for you. And since you were able to grab howard, the Combo of JuJu + Howard should compensate for you losing Ertz in the TE slot.

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I’d have to be hurting pretty badly at WR to consider trading away Ertz. I have Ertz in a lot of leagues and it would be very painful to trade away any of the top 3 TE’s, especially Ertz or Kelce.

I agree Juju is OK value, but there’s some risk that his targets will decrease as AB continues to get more usuage after a slow start to the season and after Lev Bell returns.

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I mean I also have John Brown… I’ve seen you’ve been pretty high on him on other posts. I’m just not sure if he is reliable enough moving forward as my flex option because baldwin is another headache to deal with.

You think Ertz for Woods is less optimal than juju?

I like John Brown. But i like him given where he was drafted. Most people take him in the double digit rounds and he is what appears to be a weekly Wr2 type starter with big upside. He’s not someone that I want to slot into my WR2 slot every week. JuJu is that.

I prefer JuJu to woods but woods is excellent as well.

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