What is the trade value of the 1.01 in a Dynasty Start Up?

I have the 1.01 pick in a dynasty start up draft. What is a reasonable trade for the first pick as far as receiving other draft picks? If I were to trade that pick.

Most likely there is someone buying into the Najee or Chase hype and will over pay. I have seen people turn down CMC in some of my leagues for the 1.01, so I am guessing that you may have someone in your league that would have that same rookie fever and would be willing to trade up and give you a pick and a stud RB/WR, maybe even something else as well. I would shop it.

Are you just talking about overall startup and non-superflex? Then you’re basically talking Christian McCaffery vs. the trade package. Probably would want a 1st and a 3rd, but you’ll have to look at some lists to see who you get there.