What is this guys strategy?

Hey guys

I’m in my second year of fantasy football and made the playoffs. The league is a 8 team standard scoring league and 6 teams make the playoffs. The Nr.1 and Nr.2 owner get a bye week in week 14. Now the Nr.1 guy (he’s also the comissionar) has benched his entire team. It’s driving me crazy that I cannot get behind this strategy. Is it so he gets a high waiver priority if he scores the least points?

Thanks for your help

Sounds like he’s just trying to psych y’all out. He ll probably set his lineup at the last possible minute week 15.

Great, thanks! Well, if I win the first round, which is quite likely, I will face him in the semi finals. He triumphed over me two times this season. I can’t give him the pleasure of making it three, especially since his bragging is as annoying as it can get already haha