What is up with EVANS?!?!

What, in all that is holly, is up with Mike Evans. He was my second round draft pick and is doing NOTHING for my team. I can’t drop him and wont be able to trade him for the same value. This is the worst. Played him and instead everything went to Godwin. I had the chance to draft Godwin but didn’t since I picked up Evans. I started him and get produced eight points. Agh this is so frustrating.
Just had to vent.

Don’t worry, I had him and OJ Howard…

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I think he’ll be fine. Just a case of taking the hit until he turns it around

OJ Howard, too??

This is how I feel about OJ Howard right now. Did he even get a ball thrown his way last night? I’m over him

he did not get one target. Godwin and Barber were the only players Winston even looked at. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I would be more worried about OJ Howard than Evans. He was sick WK 1 so you can’t base anything off that game. WK 2 was against a good Carolina DEF in bad conditions. He will get better.

He got 1 but it got erased by his own offensive interference lol >.<
so glad I picked up waller just incase

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Arians offense has always touted the slot WR. I think Godwin is the #1 in that offense and I’m worrisome for Evans. He will still have big games because he is talented but I don’t think he will return ADP value. I wouldn’t drop OJ but I would try and move on.

Welcome to Fantasy Football. This happens every year. Some guys perform to their ADP, some out perform, and some totally bust.

You’ll get no sympathy from me. I have a team with Antonio Brown, Tyreek Hill, OJ Howard, AJ Green, and Melvin Gordon. That’s Fantasy Football, bro.

LOL is that on 1 single team??
I almost have that all star squad. I got AB, OJ, MG :smiley:

Me too…at least there’s hope for Evans.