What is your biggest playoff tip?

This year is the first year I’ve taken Fantasy football seriously and became a Footclan member and followed things more closely in relation to Fantasy…

I don’t really know how to approach the final few weeks of the year…so what’s your tip for a fantasy newbie to the playoff period??

  1. Look ahead for DEF if your league uses matchups.
  2. Grab a handcuff over depth starting next week.
  3. If you have FAAB left and your opponent is streaming a D or QB, play defense and block their pickups. If you have no FAAB left, grab your streamers in advance.
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So if someone has Gurley, but also has Fournette, Michel, Cook, Chubb, Kerryon, and Conner, would you still pick up Malcom Brown and drop one of the above?

Yeah. Probably drop Kerryon. He is never making it into your starting lineup with those RBs. That’s a really stacked RB core. I’d probably take a couple and make some trades/upgrades and 2 for 1s first before dropping though. If you have all those, there’s definitely someone else starving for RBs.

That’s what I’m looking to do, I could upgrade from Olsen at TE for sure but my WRs are pretty stacked as well with M Thomas, Evans, Green (although hurt), and Kupp.

Jesus. Is this like a 8 man league or something? How is your team so stacked.

I’d say you can def still get an upgrade at WR though. Can take one of your WRs, package it with Evans or Green and upgrade to a top 4 guy. Or take Kupp + an RB and upgrade to a mid WR1.

Just curious what the general consensus would be from the Clan here. Concerning Handcuffs, I’ve got Gurley, and just for “insurance” reasons, really, really trying to decide on whether I should go ahead and give serious thought to M Brown.

The only RB I could even consider dropping for him is Ito Smith. My RB’s are: Gurley…Tev Coleman…A Jones…Chubb and Ito.



Yeah I think its fine. I like Ito but you already have Coleman and you’re never starting both.

As a fellow gurley owner, the one thing I am struggling with is Brown vs Kelly. Brown seems like the obvious answer given he is currently acting as a back up but a big part of me thinks that if Gurley goes down, it will become a time share between Brown and Kelly. And in that scenario, Kelly is a much better suited 3 down back and I believe his talent will win out the job. And given McVay isn’t a moron like Patricia/McCarthy, I have faith that he would make the right decision and eventually let John Kelly do his thing as we saw in the pre-season.

EXACTLY @MikeMeUpp…which is why I’ve been torn for a while between Brown and Kelly. I saw of LOT during the off-season about Kelly. That little man has some hugely scary potential. Just hasn’t had his chance to shine yet.

BUT…“if” Gurley goes down…Brown very possibly isn’t gonna be able to pull it off by himself…and there ya go…KELLY!!! And…I’m almost betting that given the chance…Kelly is gonna break it wide open!!!

Brown isn’t the answer. I’ve seen enough of him to see that. He has like one move. Run up the middle if the whole is there, and if not, get a couple yards after contact. He has no cutting ability or speed on the edge. He’s a power runner, kind of reminds me of blount tbh. He’s in there now probably cause his pass pro is better and he’s fine as a 8-10 carry guy to give gurley a breather, but I can’t see him becoming a 20+ touch lead back in the NFL.

Kelly on the other hand has the skill set. He can catch, he can run, he can get to the edge or run in between the tackles. Honestly, Kelly reminds me a lot of Kerryon/hunt in terms of skill set but obviously not as good. None of these guys are exceptional athletes by any metric. They arent fantastic at any one thing, but really good at everything. Especially interms of maintaining his balance and running through tackles. ANd his pass catching ability is what is most attractive.

THANK YOU!!! I’ve been spouting about Kelly’s talent that he showed over the summer to tons of people, BUT…LOL…all anybody can see right now is Brown.

I know I mentioned giving serious thought to Brown above, BUT…this is kind of exactly the feedback I was looking for. LOL…sometimes you don’t want to give away ALL your thoughts just in case some of your League-mates might also be on here “incognito” under another nic. :wink:

Solid tips, thanks.

  1. should I only be looking at handcuffing my top RB? DJ/Coleman/Duke/Jones/Kerryon… not really much handcuff there
  2. Should I keep Goff as my QB, I’ve had him all season, he does have a week 12 bye, thinking of using that opportunity to swap for someone who has good playoff schedule (not many available though)
  3. which DEF has the best schedule do you think?

My suggestion for number 3 is to use the Bengals for week 15 & the Pats for week 16.

Week 15 the Bengals host the Raiders
Week 16 the Pats host the Bills

I do not see a scenario where these two DST do not score a lot.

  1. Yeah you don’t really have any handcuffs tbh so I wouldn’t worry too much. If DJ goes down, you don’t want any part of edmonds anyways.
  2. Goff is a fine QB play. You can just stream for Week 2 with someone off the wire. IF you have an opportunity to swap him for someone like a Wentz or Cam, I’d def take that, but if not, no worries.
  3. I named some of them in another thread somewhere but Skins/Den are good for multiple weeks. Vikings is pretty good for Week 15. I agree with @UpsettiSpaghetti that patriots week 16 is probably the best you’ll get at home vs the Bills. Hard to think pats don’t put up double digits there. Bengals raiders could be another good one for sure although bengals D this year has been pretty atrocious. Even Carr might be able to throw on them. Jax is another decent on for Week 15, same with Baltimore. There’s a lot of choices. But a lot can change between then and now too. WHat I do know is if you are streaming against the Bills, Cards, Lions, Browns, Jets, you’re probably doing alright.
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Good points!!! Haven’t gotten that far ahead yet…still just trying to keep my mere existence in the bottom of the P/O Standings at this point. BUT…def gonna keep this in mind for a couple of weeks down the road. :slightly_smiling_face:

I completely forgot that Washington’s O-Line is completely broken now, week 15 Jax are an excellent option. But to I nab them off waivers before someone else thinks the same thing.
I fully anticipate to have a week 14 bye.

biggest issue is I’m on 0 FAAB now, and I’m hoping to just pick up a defense early cause I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to stream and get who I want every week. (I know for a fact Pats are going to be the #1 pick up in week 15 ready for buffalo for example).

I might just pick up the Patriot in Week 12 as their end of season schedule is: NYJ, MIN, MIA, PIT, BUF, NYJ. Out of those, Minnesota/Pittsburgh wont be great but the others will be favourable

Yeah if you don’t have any FAAB, you can go for an early pick up. But most guys won’t be picking up pats right now. But if you have the space, doesn’t hurt. I would combo Pats with someone you can use in the upcoming weeks after this week. Ravens are a good example, You can use them for 2 weeks after their bye and then have them for week 15 at home vs the buccs which is a great matchup. And that can be your playoff defenses.

Sound advice here in the thread so far.

I started shoring up my team for a stretch run this week.

I have two defenses that I can mix match through week 16 with good success (Chargers-Broncos) and I did my first non-RB handcuff ever in picking up Dallas Goedert as the Ertz owner since I have carried one te the entire year to this point and the trade deadline is nearing.

I will probably try to handcuff Gurley after my kicker has their bye in a couple of weeks.

It’s a 10-man, I had a really good draft lol. Thomas and Green fell to me at the end of second and beginning of third round. The others were all great waiver wire pickups or I bought low through trades.

Appreciate the advice though. I’ll start shopping before our deadline hits.